What is NicoBloc?

NicoBloc is a unique liquid that blocks nicotine and tar when put on a cigarette. It is one of the most unique smoking cessation products.

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Millions of people try to quit smoking every single day. A lot of them fail. There are many reasons why quitting smoking is hard. Some of those reasons are the addictive properties of nicotine. Another reason why smoking is so hard to quit is because it’s a behavioral habit. It is incredibly hard to quit smoking once you get used to it. The body is used to it, the brain is used to it. Every cell in your body craves for nicotine.

There are plenty of different ways to stop smoking. Some people use nicotine patches, some people try to quit cold turkey. There isn’t a simple way to quit smoking. Unless you have an amazing willpower, quitting smoking will be quite hard. In fact, cigarettes are one of the most addictive chemicals out there.

NicoBloc can be used by anyone that is smoking currently. The ingredients in NicoBloc are not dangerous and there haven’t been reported any serious side effects from using this product. When using it, you need to apply several drops of the liquid to the filter of the cigarette.

Why NicoBloc?

Quitting smoking is hard. One of the hardest things ever. For some people, quitting without any help is almost impossible. There are several reasons why smoking is so addictive. All those chemicals in cigarettes make it very hard to quit.

Some people have managed to quit cold turkey, but that is a dream for most of us. This is why external sources and supplements are used by individuals that find it hard to quit. Products such as NicoBloc can aid us into our journey of smoking cessation.

Why use nicotine patches or other methods, when you can use something like NicoBloc? NicoBloc is not dangerous, and there are actual studies for this product.

When it comes to quitting smoking, you do not want to waste too much money on this. Even though there are very promising methods that are worth quite a lot, there are several of them.

The reason why so many people choose NicoBloc isn’t really the price or the cause of action. It is the ability to smoke while blocking the bad effects of cigarettes. NicoBloc is said to block up to 99% of nicotine and tar from a cigarette. There hasn’t been such a product, yet.

How To Use NicoBloc?

Using NicoBloc is quite simple. Any individual above the age of 18 can use it. Just put few drops of NicoBloc on your cigarette filter. It should be very simple and straightforward. We always recommend reading the instructions on the bottle or the packaging. In case something changes, the bottle and the packaging should always have the proper way on how to use this product.

When it comes to how many times you should use it per day, that varies on how many cigarettes you smoke, but do try not do overdo it. For more information read the labels and the official website.

How Good Is NicoBloc

In one study about 60% of the participants quit smoking after 6 weeks. This study can be found here.

Where To Buy NicoBloc

Buy this product from the official website or from Amazon.

Benefits of NicoBloc

There are plenty of benefits that come with using NicoBloc. The ability to smoke cigarettes while blocking the bad ingredients is one of them. This is a very unique method to quit smoking. All other methods require you to stop using cigarettes. Nicorette which is a nicotine patch, works on a totally different path. Quitting cigarettes cold turkey is the option that most people go for.

Having the ability to still smoke cigarettes and have the feel of a cigarette while trying to quit is probably the best way to do it. Unless you have a great willpower, then we recommend you to try it out. Or, of course you can always try vaping as well.

NicoBloc Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions. Most of the questions are related to how to use NicoBloc, which we explained previously.

Who can use NicoBloc?

Any person over the age of 18 can use NicoBloc. It should not be mixed with anything else.

Where to buy NicoBloc?

You can buy it from Amazon or the official website.

What do the scientific studies say about NicoBloc?

All of the scientific studies say that this is a very nice way to quit smoking. In one study over 60% of the individuals quit smoking in 6 weeks. That is a very high rate of success especially in smoking cessation. When it comes to smoking, its very hard to get a result like that. This is why a lot of people are buying NicoBloc in 2022.

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